I am old compared to some but not as old as others. I am the sum of my life adventures thus far but I still have a way to go. I still have adventures in me to take.

My body may have slowed and some days my adventures consist of sitting with my back to a tree, wind rustling in the canopy above me as my mind and heart takes me into the memories of past adventures and pondering on ‘what comes next!’

I laugh to myself that I once wore miniskirts that barely covered my backside with long long legs and strode around on wedge heels taking my already considerable 5feet 9inch height to a new dizzying level. I wonder what my granddaughters will think of that. I wear a small tattoo that may horrify them or, they may think their Gran super cool.

I was skinny once, when I was young. Life taught me about comfort food in times of stress and I yo-yoed my way through diets.

I made some mistakes. I created more regrets. I walked between worlds embracing an unseen world to the masses – a black sheep in a world of judgement. I searched my whole life for that elusive ‘something’. The search ended the exact day I reached my 60th birthday. I have no reason why except that 60 is a magical number in Crone years!

I loved and I married (three times… well two times for love and one in fear) with a long-term partnership thrown into the mix. Not exactly how I thought I would walk this life.

‘Who was that woman?’ I often wonder.  The one who jumped feet first into life and figured it all out later. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was to my detriment. Perhaps that is my Aquarian quirk, to jump first and ask questions later!

So here I am at  67 years of being on this earth (well, this time anyway), sitting under a tree, contemplating the Crone that I am and loving it. I am surrounded by trees and mountains and valleys, gardens and nature. My husband is nearby creating and making. My family love me despite my mistakes, the regrets. The Crone I am is ready for the next chapter. May it be vibrant, adventurous but tempered a little with the wisdom of age (perhaps). Life can be as magical as we make it.

What stories to share with my granddaughters should they ask and want to listen to an old lady who once wore miniskirts and got a tattoo!

BIO: Jude has worked with ‘women’s business’ for 26 years; creating a tool chest of sacred tools for the journey, as each woman’s walk through life is unique to them. Jude is an Intuitive Mentor, Medium, Past Life Hypnotherapist, Author of four books and a deck of healing cards, a Crone and Wise Woman. Jude writes and facilitates meditations, ceremonies, workshops and retreats including co-hosting The Alchemy of Woman. Jude’s writings are touching women’s hearts around the world. Her healing words work with metaphors through the power of story to affect deep & lasting transformation. Jude’s connection with the Earth Mother and the messages that come from nature, weave a path in the unity between mind, body, soul and emotions to form the foundations of her business ‘Dreaming the Seed’.

‘All my life, people have confided in me and I always seemed to know when to listen and when to offer advice…’