My philosophy is that we cannot take anyone where we have not been ourselves. Over the past 26 years I have grown within myself as I navigated my own journey. I have always been a creator. That’s the way my mind and heart works for me.  I have created many workshops and retreats over these many years and I have loved all of them and the women who have felt drawn to my work. I am in my sixty eighth year on this beautiful earth and I have embraced the Crone, the Wise Women within me. My role is to share what I know. I don’t have all the answers. No-one in the world has all the answers. What I do have is a vast toolbox I have channeled and learned and created, of fabulous tools for healing, dreaming and seeding a new chapter. Many of those tools now form my Dreaming the Seed Day Retreats,

My role is to empower women to empower themselves ~ to take the seeds of their dream and nurture them into creation. In other words, I can guide you to enter the chrysalis so that you discover your own inner wisdom. From there I get to watch you grow and emerge as the butterfly as you spread your beautiful wings;  as you step up and into your own powerful way of being on this earth. We are always a beautiful work in progress and perfectly imperfect in our perfection.

When I work with women we work with a high vibration, in the fifth dimensional vibration of love and unity, to create a plan for your dream seeding.

In 2010 I channeled a formula that encourages your journey. That is one part of the journey. The other is Walking in Balance with Life around the sacred wheel that was also channeled.  In 2019 my blueprint work added to that journey and was channeled after a amazing experience in Bali.

Come on a journey with me… If we all empower another women to empower herself, the Sacred Feminine spirit within us all will grow in strength. It’s a ripple effect of love in it’s most powerful form; working through our heart.

My vision is for the feminine and the masculine to walk in equality side by side.  We are a work in progress. Are we there yet? Heck no, but step by step we can navigate this tricky path together.

Womb healing and seeding new chapter retreat days are key to awakening the creative spirit within us all. This is my own pathway which was made so clear to me after sitting with the monolith of Uluru in 2007. My pathway has long been for the empowerment of women.


BIO: Jude has worked with ‘women’s business’ for 26 years;
creating a tool chest of sacred tools for the journey, as each woman’s walk
through life is unique to them. Jude is an Intuitive Mentor, Past Life
Hypnotherapist, Author of four books and a deck of healing cards, a Crone and
Wise Woman. Jude writes and facilitates meditations, ceremonies, workshops and
retreats including co-hosting The Alchemy of Woman.

Jude’s writings are touching women’s hearts around the world. Her healing words work with metaphors
through the power of story to affect deep & lasting transformation. Jude’s
connection with the Earth Mother and the messages that come from nature, weave
a path in the unity between mind, body, soul and emotions to form the
foundations of her business ‘Dreaming the Seed’.

‘All my life, people have confided in me and I always seemed to know when to listen and when to offer advice…’