Dreaming the Seed Blueprint


Jude Downes

Dreaming the Seed is a sacred Blueprint for working with Healing & Creating….. in wholeness.. in a beautiful workshop environment… or perhaps experience a Dreaming the Seed Blueprint report via PDF in an email for understanding the wonders you came into this world to experience…

Dreaming the Seed is a ‘downloaded’ blueprint from the ones I call the Ancient Ones to offer guidance from 5th dimension and above.

Working with light codes or seeds, the Ancient Ones have called this work I do a ‘mathematically designed series of synergistic events that activate the journey.’

Dreaming the Seed Blueprint Report:

You will receive your PDF report via email:

This Dreaming the Seed blueprint works with building structure by identifying:

1. What ‘gifts’ or tools you arrived with in this lifetime.

2. The aspect of life that has taught you the most when profound change occurred.

3. The overall aspect of this life that is influenced by your journey.

4. Discover what is currently out of balance in your life and a simple technique to return to balance.

5. The element you were born under and the Goddess energy associated with it.

There is plenty more to this Dreaming the Seed Blueprint however these are the aspects focused on in this report.

Dreaming the Seed Blueprint report… $140.00
Note: Once payment is made… I will ask for the element of fire, earth, air or water you were born under….. as well as some numbers I ask you to choose intuitively…..
                  …No refunds offered once purchased…
Note: Sometimes emails get lost in transit along the way so please check spam folders for my response to your booking…


Dreaming the Seed of Intention 2022 Workshop..

Come join me for a beautiful day of dreaming in the year ahead with intention… Blueprint for 2022… Wise Woman ways… Meditation… Walk the gardens and labyrinth in your own walking meditation… ceremony to set your clear intentions…

Morning Tea and Lunch and blueprint provided… 10 places only… $150.00pp… 10am – 4pm…Tolmie in the High Country of Victoria…

Lots of places to stay in Mansfield and surrounds so why not make a lovely weekend of it in the High Country… Contact me to book your place….
Come and stay in our local area… There are plenty of fabulous places to stay overnight or for a weekend….

No refunds offered once purchased… (unless covid restrictions cancel the event)

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