Intuitive Mentoring


Jude Downes

DREAMS & GOALS: We dream with our imagination. It can be as big and bold and vibrant as we want to make it, as outrageous as we can possibly imagine. Our imagination is a yearning for something that is soul driven. To achieve our dreams, it is necessary to ‘do our bit’ and create goals to achieve along the way. Goals are the actions required to get us closer to our dreams. Each goal achieved is a victory to be celebrated. When we arrive at the penultimate goal, we see just how much the dream has changed and grown over the time we have focused on achieving success in each goal. This Alchemy of Transformation Intuitive Mentoring program will encourage you to create new neural pathways that help you believe in your dreams and the goals you set to achieve them.

When we imagine our dream and look at where we are now, it can be kind of scary and many wonder how they will ever achieve their dream. For many many years I had my dreams and I knew what I was capable of and yet I always felt this ‘gap’ and had no idea how to bridge that gap.

The Alchemy of Transformation Intuitive Mentoring can help you build that bridge, move through creative blocks, empower yourself, work with energy and celebrate each victory of a goal achieved along the way to successful dream creation. This is for women of all ages and backgrounds.

I am a ‘Healer with Words’ and I work with energy and metaphoric stories to assist women to empower themselves. I also work with guided journeying and ceremony and my own Alchemical formula and Wheel of Transformation. Women are finding their voices and speaking their innate wisdom so that collectively, those voices will ring out, clear and true and create the harmony we want and need to see in this world, in our own world.  But first, it begins with the empowerment of self and you sure are worth it!!!

I love to create metaphoric stories as a healing tool in a world, where we are just now, remembering who we are and what we came here to do on this earth… We are here to ignite the flame of love and hold it high to encourage others to find their way…. both the feminine and the masculine in unity… This is the most fabulous ripple effect…. reaching out across the world.

It is no accident that women all over the world are waking up right now. It is no accident that women are discovering their voices and encouraging others to discover theirs.  Life begins as energy and so when we work with energy to transform something in life, we work intuitively to get the best out of life, to look for the signposts life offers us along the way. I love to work with women as they seek to empower themselves and succeed in their dream creation….

AGE IS NO BARRIER for the Wise Woman in all of us. No dream, no goal is too big or too small. No woman is too old to take on this journey. I have lived this journey….. and I love life…. My dreams have become my reality…. and I choose to shine a light of love…. and help other women empower themselves in their dream and goal creation….. With Love… Jude

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