Sacred Woman Infinity Healing


Jude Downes

Sacred Woman Infinity Healing & Dream-Weaving with your own Sacred Light-Codes: These beautiful healing and dream-weaver sessions have been created to assist you to create a healed sacred inner space in order to weave your dreams into your life through your light-code activation. In a modern world, women are stepping more and more into their sacred and Divine Feminine ways. They are creating the life they dream as they remember their way. The more we create sacred inner healed space in which to seed those dreams, the closer we journey toward dream creation.

Sacred Woman Healing & Dream-Weaving is two beautiful sessions with Sacred Woman…… Each session is approx 1 1/2 hours duration and is all about you….. Session One includes a discussion and healing session and a 1/2 hour reading…. with my infinity tools for healing the old story and your Ancestral line a part of the journey……. In session two we will be working with more sacred symbols for manifesting your dreams with the assistance of mapping your light codes with Sacred Woman.

We will work together with guided journeying….. the Sacred Woman template…… and healing as you ignite your new journey with your own innate Sacred Wise Woman…..   Monday to Friday ~ $333.00

Zoom to anywhere in the world or in person in the High Country of Victoria Australia.

Sacred Woman Healing: A beautiful healing journey to assist you in clearing and offering well-being space within you to heal any creative blocks or story scars so that your dreaming journey can succeed. A half hour reading and a sacred inner guided journey. 1 hour $120.00

Zoom to anywhere in the world or in person in the High Country of Victoria Australia.

Half Hour Guided Journey – for Direction or Healing – $55.00 – Zoom to anywhere in the world!


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