Sacred Woman Healing & Dream-Weaving


Jude Downes

Sacred Woman Healing: A beautiful healing journey in the High Country of Victoria to assist you in clearing and offering well-being space within you to heal any creative blocks or story scars so that your dreaming journey can succeed. Hands on healing and half hour reading and walk in the labyrinth. 1 1/2 hours $180.00

Sacred Woman Healing & Dream-Weaving: A dream-weaver healing and beautiful coaching session to assist you to create a healed sacred inner space and weaving your dreams into creation. In a modern world, women are stepping more and more into creating the life they dream. The more we create sacred inner healed space in which to seed those dreams, the closer we journey toward dream creation.

This beautiful session has been created for you, to focus on you, your life and your dreams. When you create a space in which to heal the scars of old stories you will then move into seeking your inner world where the stories of past, present and future reside. We will complete our time together with a Wise Woman self-discovery journey to discover the innate wisdom of you.

This is a gorgeous Goddess 4 hours that is all about you….. includes healing session…. weaving your dream… labyrinth walk… building a bridge to access your dream…… discovering your innate Wise Woman….. as well as Goddess tea created specially for my Goddess work…. and a delicious lunch. 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday ~ $333.00

NOTE: These healing sessions can be adapted to work with you online via Zoom…. ask me how… Jude

If you are coming to the High Country of Victoria… there is plenty of fabulous accommodation in the area and beautiful places to explore.. Make it a great healing break away from the everyday!

Oh and don’t forget the fabulous Sacred Woman Retreat 13th – 15th September….To find out more….

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